Meshelle    Melone
"Art= Messy/Beautiful


Guerrilla Art Project

Out of the fire, comes beauty and strength.  Or a burnt jacket and a bad hair day. Either way, it can be fuel for art.  Is it the warm sunlight on your face or it is the cigarette butt you find at the last swig of your beer bottle? Either way, it can be fuel for art.

Guerrilla Art project is about the raw sense of art. Its the unapologetic way of movement. That there is no right or wrong way to expression. We as humans have a gambit of emotions and they can be in many forms. How do I use this clunky human body and words to expression the universe that lays inside? Its like trying to get a 1984 floppy disk fit into a 2017 MacBook.

Guerrilla Art Project is the bridge. Its about the body, the substance, the genesis, the bottom of the ocean, the atoms, the new spaces, the cracks. Its about not desensitizing. Thinking outside of patterns. Unraveling. Bare Bones. 

Who are we if we're not our brands? Can you still identify? Purging.




















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