Meshelle    Melone
"Art= Messy/Beautiful


"Life isn't perfect but your hair can be"



I'm a professional hair stylist for 16+ years with skills in just about anything you can image you want out of your hair. I also welcome all hair textures. I am a cutter with free flow skills and precision for men or women. I enjoy coloring techniques such as placement, balayage, ombre, color melting, solid block. I can style the hair for wedding events, photoshoots or just a night out on the town as well. I have also made extensions and wig work apart of my resume as well, styling for film sets and everyday clients. We can curl it, straighten it, move it up, down, shave, extend, lighten, darken, push it, pull it, make it shiney, kill it or cut the whole darn thing off!! I can make it happen:)

My specialty is dreadlocking. I've been a professional dreadlocker for 10 years with the skills of beginning, maintaining and coloring all types of hair textures. 

**Check out my resume of full industry work and skills**