Meshelle    Melone
"Art= Messy/Beautiful


Have you written a Bio lately???!!

SSsoooooo hhhhardddd..

Ok here it goes....


I am an artist. I work on hair, canvas, fabrics, metal, junk, scraps...Pretty much any medium.  


I've been in the hair industry 16+ years now and I've built clientele in LA, NYC, and Detroit. I've been apart of films, traveling bands, salons, fashion shows, weddings, benefits, product lines, music videos, magazines,dreadlock community and award shows.  As much as I've done, my fire for this craft is still strong within me. I still look forward to each person I meet in the chair and am still humbled that they allow me in their personal space to create something beautiful. I also still get excited when I get a call about a new project to create from a production. I'm professional, open minded and ready to be apart of a team that makes amazing results. 


Now canvas art and drawings I have no unique techniques to my approach. I'm driven by my emotions, texture, shapes and color placements. To be blunt, I have no idea if it's any good and I'm truly not interested if the scholars tell me I have no idea what art is. But if it moves you, if you look at a piece and you hate it, i win. If you look at a piece and you love it, I win. If you look at a piece and you feel nothing, well then we need to chat.  Art should made you feel something and have an opinion. Guerrilla Art Project is another version of how a right brain kid from Detroit sees the world around her with a can of paint.


In conclusion, whether it's a human or canvas, film set or behind the chair, my dedication is the same and my focus is on point create beauty,love and art movement.  


* Gurrella Art Project will be showing at 2017 DAMNED show. Tangent Gallery, Detroit




















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